Power surging to the road

The Port City Power are ready for the road this weekend. Photo: Gladstone Basketball GABA Facebook.

By Liam Emerton

With the Queensland State League 2 competition reaching the halfway point of the season our Port City Power are heading away for the first time.

It was a big win at home last time out for our men’s squad who blew out the South West Metro Pirates 109-81.

The enormous victory felt like a turning point for the Power who have had a mixed bag of results so far this season.

Ahead of their first road trip, which will be a double-header against Yarrabilba Yowies and the table-topping South West Metro Pirates Gold, Gladstone Today caught up with men’s coach Raymond Cooper who was excited at the prospect of seeing how his squad performs away from home.

“I feel like we’ve been really close for the last few weeks and I feel like it was a good win to reward ourselves after we’ve had some single digit losses.

“It’s a good feeling and we just want to keep doing it now.

“I want to see how the guys perform and set themselves up on the weekend.

“We are missing a few bodies so we’re going in short handed but that just happens.

“I’m hoping just because we’re young bodies that we don’t get too banged up and we get to the second game of the weekend and back it up.

“We want to give it a good shot and not only compete but give ourselves a chance to win it at the end.”

For Cooper the most impressive aspect of his team has been their mentality and their ability to hang in there with some of the best squads in the competition while the side’s control of a match is where the Power needs the most improvement but there’s positive signs that it is growing.

“We’re competing with a lot of the top teams in the league and just losing to them by single digits,” he said.

“That’s been pretty positive and also I’ve given the guys a bit of a chance and they’ve taken things into their stride.

“They’re executing on the court and they’re not worried, they’re fully confident which is great to see that in their development already.

“A bit more composure when we’re on the court and our ball security, which we did a really good job of last weekend.

“We’ve had Jace Arnold out for a few weeks now and he came back last weekend and showed off his skill set as a point guard and his composure was infectious through the whole team.”

On that road trip Mylique Prior and Jace Arnold will be the go-to men, and after a week out, Prior will be keen to make an impact after being arguably the Power’s best this season.

And after a five-point loss to South West Metro, our women’s Port City Power will have a chance of revenge this weekend.

The women’s squad will take on the Pirates in their second match of their two-game road trip.

Their first matchup will come against the Yarrabilba Yowies who are currently two spots behind the Power on the table.