Sarah’s miracle moment

Emu Park's own Sarah Field with the BMD Premiership trophy after her kick helped win North Queensland Gold Stars the title in the final seconds.

By Liam Emerton

A last-gasp cross-field kick broke the hearts of our Central Queensland Capras women on Saturday, but it was one of the greatest moments of our own local’s career.

Up 12-10, the Capras had the BMD Premiership in one hand but with only 20 seconds on the clock, an audible call saw Emu Park’s local and North Queensland Gold Stars five-eight Sarah Field create history.

Field had spotted an opening, called and received the ball before she put up a precise kick towards the left corner.

The ball landed just before the tryline and bounced once towards the sideline, before the second bounce fell straight into the path of star Shaniah Power.

Believing they needed a successful conversion to win it, Power ran in-field and was almost tackled by Capra Emma Paki but put the ball down as the hooter sounded, winning the grand final for the Gold Stars.

The bounce from heaven was incredibly cruel for the Capras but it was immediate jubilation for one of our own who spoke with CQ Today soon after the win.

“It was very nerve-racking seeing that there were only 20 seconds left and knowing we were behind,” said Field.

“So when that bounce did come back and Shaniah picked it up, I don’t even know how to explain it, I was just shocked.

“We have an overwrite call in our squad, so I used that. I was actually surprised that I did get the ball because I thought that Tilly (Tahlulah Tillett) was going to kick it.

“The kick was planned, the bounce wasn’t, I looked over and saw the winger wasn’t back and I knew that it was our shot, our chance to try and come back.

“I was lost for words, I was that happy and that excited. When I saw her cross the line I just wanted her to put the ball down to be completely honest haha.

“But we got it in the end and that’s what counts.”

Field’s triumphant victory was one that she said the side had been building up for the year.

Her Gold Stars came from third place, defeating the second-placed Burleigh Bears in the semi-final to advance into the game against the Capras.

Knowing she was going to take on many of her friends and people she had played her local footy with, Field said it made her feel nervous but excited and believed it was only a good thing that two teams outside the south-east corner of Queensland made it to the big dance.

“It was quite nerve-racking because of knowing most of the girls on the other team,” she said.

“It was amazing to see both North Queensland and Central Queensland in the grand final instead of one of the Brisbane teams.

“It is really good for the regions to see how much talent is on both sides.”

The win for the Gold Stars will now set up their transition from the QRLW to the NRLW as they will soon become the North Queensland Cowboys’ women’s squad.

There’s plenty of belief that Field will be in amongst that NRLW team and with the support of Emu Park always behind her and one of the biggest BMD Premiership moments under her belt, there’s no doubt she will have a massive shot at it.

Field’s win was dedicated to friend and mentor Masada Iosefa who helped her become ready for the big moments just like that grand final kick.