Perfect Pam Moore carnival

Shooting Stars' wing attack Chelsea Hunt passes in hopes of finding a teammate.

By Liam Emerton

The Pam Moore Junior Netball Carnival was held in Gladstone on Saturday and Sunday this week with many of our own region’s teams playing in the tournament.

A very solid 87 teams nominated for the competition which ranged from a GO division through to a number of cadet competitions.

What was impressive was the amount of teams that Biloela, Yarella and Valleys put forward for the competition with many of the teams having really great carnivals.

The full results for the competitive divisions are as follows:

J4 Sponsored by Aurizon

Winners: Valleys Jades

Runners up: Valleys Amethysts

MVP: Rex Cannon (Biloela Black)

J3 Sponsored by Frost Engineering

Winners: Mustangs

Runners up: Calliope Mulberry

MVP: YvIonna Pangan (Yaralla Swans)

J2 Sponsored by VAJ Byrne & Co Lawyers

Winners: Frenchville Foals

Runners up: Biloela Rebels

MVP: Emily O’Neil (Blue Dolphins)

J1 Sponsored by Deja Brew

Winners: Assassins

Runners up: Yaralla Kingfishers

MVP: Carol De’sa

C4 Sponsored by Aurizon

Winners: Frenchville Frilly Lizards

Runners up: Frenchville Zebras

MVP: Abbey-Lee Pitcain (Frenchville Frilly Lizards)

C3 Sponsored by Little Bloom Room

Winners: Frenchville Cobras

Runners up: Biloela Storm

MVP: Emily Beezley (Biloela Storm)

C2 Sponsored by Welcon Technologies

Winners: Trinity College Black

Runners up: Yaralla Sparrows

MVP: Anna Breytenbach (Yaralla Sparrows)

C1 Sponsored by Hosking Pool Care

Winners: Valleys Bronze

Runners up: Yaralla Kookaburras

MVP: Sienna McBride (Yaralla Magpies)