Keppel knocks over Curtis Coast

The Keppel Zone golf squad with the Gurney Clamp shield.

The Keppel zone men’s and Ladies’ pennant team, finishing with a total of 15.5 wins, has won back-to-back Zone pennant titles from the Curtis zone.

On Sunday at the Boyne Island Golf Club, scores started to come in and the Curtis zone came within one point of winning the event which made it an exciting finish to one of Golf Central Queensland most popular events.

Keppel wins in division one were: Tim McMasters 1 up over Scott Gibbs, Rowan Coombes 2 and 1 over Matt Crosley, Trevor Tougher squared with Russell Hartley.

The Curtis zone winners were: Dylan parish 3 and 2 over Richie Pershouse, Adam Mollis 3 and 2 over Greg Black.

The Curtis division two proved too strong for Keppel winning 5 points to 2. Winners for Curtis were: Chuck Miles 3 and 2 over Jeff Ingles, Brendan Bechmann 1 up over Steve Wallace, Hayden Armstrong 3 and 2 over Jim Wilson, Brett Baartz 7 and 5 over Jay Richens with Blaise Ramsay squaring his match with Russell Coombes as did Terry Arstall with Andrew Winter.

In division three, Keppel recorded 4.5 points against Curtis’ 2.5 points. With Les Berryman winning 3 and 2 over Jason Winnerr, Tim Williams 9 and 8 over George Nukumuku, Tom Knukle 4 and 3 over Nic Simeon, Dave Batts 6 and 4 over Brian Mappelson, Allan Hunt squared his match with Scott Baartz, for Curtis Shane Kitching 6 and 5 over Harry Buchholz, Shaun Tosswell 7 and 6 over Gus Horsemann.

This was the first time that a ladies division took part in this competition with them all expressing their joy of being able to be part of the Keppel and Curtis teams, Keppel ladies scored 4.5 points wins over Curtis 2.5 points.

With Caitlyn Cox scoring a 5 and 4 win over Tracey Green as did Keri Wilson against Shirley Clark, Nadine Battilana 3 and 2 over Denis Busteed, Alicia Perkins 1 up over Julie Spencer with Michelle Mc Namara squaring her match against Kaye Cooper, Curtis wins went to Brenda Phillips 1 up over Jan Farquhar and Liz Price 5 and 4 over Leonie Green.

2021 – 2022


The Keppel zone pennants 2021 – 2022 season will get under on Sunday 31. October when 2021 pennant champions Rockhampton will come up against runners up Yeppoon with the latter confident of scoring a first-round win thanks to a home course advantage.

As will Emu Park when they come up against North Rockhampton on their challenging home course.

North Rockhampton Golf

25 September 2021 – Single Stroke

Sponsor: Kev Young and Bevan Bolck

Men’s Winner: David Vavryn 66

Runner Up: John Conway (OCB) 66

Third: Brad Marshall 67

Fourth: Des Jackson (OCB) 67

Fifth: Kyle Smyth (OCB) 68

Ladies’ Winner: Sarah Lacey 68

Ladies’ Runner Up: Janet Gull 69

Run Down

Ryan Mills 68, Deb Carige 69, Ross Smart 69, Carmel Stewart 70, Seb Kilpatrick–Brazier 69, Alan Sharp 70, Ian Learmont 69, Ray Odd 70, Robert Bettridge 69, Bevan Bolck 71, Lakepa Buadromo 69, Paul Conway 71,

Pin Shots

Men Division 1: Kyle Smyth

Men Division 2: Keith Pidgeon

Ladies: Gayle Jackson

All In: Wally Flynn


Saturday 2 October – Monthly Medal Blue Markers sponsored by Kawana Panel and Paint