Council committed to work with community regarding kayaks and watercraft

1770 Foreshore - The blue area depicts approved temporary location for watercraft. Picture: SUPPLIED

Council will be commencing their clean-up operation to remove illegally dumped items and abandoned

watercraft from the beach, dunes and mangroves around the Round Hill Creek Foreshore, Seventeen


An approved temporary ‘laydown area’ for kayaks and personal watercraft will be established on site

to give residents the opportunity to move their vessels and prevent them from mistakenly being

considered as ‘abandoned.’

Items found outside the ‘laydown area’ on August 15 2022, will be considered ‘abandoned’ and will

be removed alongside other illegally dumped items.

Gladstone Regional Council said in a statement this week that they understand and celebrate the

Agnes Water and Seventeen Seventy community’s important cultural connection to the water and


They are committed to working with the community to ensure this connection continues to thrive into

the future in a way that is neither detrimental to the environment nor poses a safety risk to other

beach users.

This operation follows a request by Maritime Safety Queensland to assist in their clean-up of the area

as part of their ‘War on Wrecks’ program, and a further complaint about safety issues related to

small watercraft in the beach area.

Council will be contacting owners in the future to work to determine a permanent solution for