Greens candidate wants to “shake up politics”

The Greens' lead Senate candidate Penny Allman-Payne.

Gladstone school teacher Penny Allman-Payne is running as the lead Senate candidate for The Greens this Federal Election.

Ms Allman-Payne said she was prompted to run after living and working in many regions across the State, including Brisbane, Redlands, Cape York and the Torres Strait, Wide Bay Burnett and Central Queensland.

She said people everywhere need better funded schools and hospitals, affordable housing and climate action.

Ms Allman-Payne moved back to Gladstone in 2018.

She believes the three biggest issues facing Queenslanders are a lack of affordable housing, expensive and inaccessible public services like healthcare and education, and the need to plan for a transition away from coal and gas for workers and communities.

Ms Allman-Payne chose to run for the Greens because she believes “politics needs a shake-up”.

“The major parties put their corporate donors ahead of our communities,” she said.

In her view, the party’s three most important policies are bringing dental and mental health into Medicare, building one million affordable homes over 20 years and capping rent increases, and creating new jobs tackling climate change, with free retraining and guaranteed wage stability for workers as we phase out fossil fuels.

The teacher of 25 years said she was lucky to have a very supportive husband, two wonderful kids and two young grandkids.

She said she had the privilege of working with over 3000 Queensland children and their families over the course of my teaching career.

Ms Allman-Payne said she was also an active member of the Queensland Teachers’ Union.

“From my experiences living and working right across Queensland, I know that fully funding our schools and hospitals, ensuring all of us have a roof over our head and tackling climate change are not niche inner-city concerns – they’re existential challenges that affect all of us, no matter where you live in Queensland.”