Colin Boyce in profile

LNP candidate for Flynn Colin Boyce and his family.

In his younger years, Colin Boyce took a whirlwind tour of the world, working as a knight in shining armour in the UK as one of his many jobs.

A few decades later, he’s on a whirlwind tour of an electorate much bigger than many of the countries he’s travelled through as he fights to be the knight in shining armour for the people of Flynn.

However, with a history as a Taroom Shire councillor and Callide MP, he’s no stranger to many people.

If elected, Colin will join the few who can count themselves as elected representatives of their communities at every level of government.

Colin is not the only person in his family who has run for a Federal seat.

His great-uncle ran for the Country Party in the 1930s, but was not successful.

Colin will be hoping the outcome of this Federal Election will be different for him than for his great-uncle.

Flynn is a key seat and many political pundits have named it a two-horse race between the LNP and Labor.

But Colin shrugged off any positive predictions.

He appears more excited about the upcoming birth of his fifth grandchild.

Colin and his wife Terri have three children, Sarah, Tom and Scott, and four grandchildren.

Colin and Terri, are big believers in civic duty, with Terri a Banana Shire councillor.

It’s one of the many things Colin noticed about Japan when he travelled there on a business trip 15 years ago.

He said he encourages everyone to travel to the country.

Colin was in awe when he got off the plane at Osaka Airport and onto a bus, only to find there was no driver and no human driver would be coming because the bus did not require one.

“They’re 10 years in front of us in terms of technology,” he said.

Colin would have been the stereotypical Aussie depicted on TV and movies when he travelled overseas on a westbound ticket around the world at 24 years old.

He grew up in Central Queensland on a brigalow ballot block called Burradoo, attended Toowoomba boarding school and worked as a stockman.

Colin’s mother is Danish, so he met family while overseas and backpacked across Europe before it became a rite of passage for younger generations.

He soon became a jack-of-all-trades, funding his trip by picking up work where he could. Two of the jobs included knight in shining armour at a castle, and a brickies’ labourer in London.

His would-be wife, Terri, flew over to the US and they travelled across the country together.

He said the pair met when they were young and bonded over their shared love of horses, among other things.

Colin has also worked on gas lines, as an earth moving contractor, and as a farmer and grazier on their Taroom property.

His sons also run their small engineering and earthmoving businesses.

Meanwhile, his daughter works as an accountant.

His hobbies and passions are as widespread as the countries he has travelled.

Colin said he enjoys history and is currently reading about the Romans, although he admits he would not have been top of the history class at school.

He also enjoys restoring vintage motorcycles, spending time in his workshop, and bushwalking.

Colin has even finished the Finke Desert Race and is asked to recite bush poetry.

He said he also has a great collection of photographs of Aboriginal rock art, which he would like to turn into a coffee table book one day.

Although Colin is running for the LNP following Ken O’Dowd’s decision to resign after many years as the Flynn MP, he is not intimidated.

“Life experience is what counts,” Colin said.

“Flynn is a unique electorate.”