Paul Bambrick in profile

Paul has been rallying for years to encourage people to make better choices

By Trish Bowman

Flynn Greens candidate Paul Bambrick is dedicated to spreading the word on all things environmental protection and learning to live smarter in our fast-paced world.

Paul was born in Rockhampton to market gardening parents and grew up riding his pushbike into wilderness areas where he always felt right at home.

He learned a lot from his parents, but it was his own irritation at prickles as he roamed barefoot that cemented his desire to care for the natural environment.

As a young man Paul said he always felt different or separate in some way, he had a natural curiosity and always thought there was a better way to live.

“I always wanted to live a simple life,” Paul said.

“I was an outdoor person from as young as I can recall and that is still the case today.

“I developed a love of music very early on and it became something that I have enjoyed throughout my life. We used to sing together as a family.

“I always played in bands as a teenager and still enjoy gigging with friends.”

After high school he went to Queensland Institute of Technology (QIT) to study a four-year architecture course.

Through his working years he has had three architectural careers and tried his hand at a variety of other jobs.

“I worked as a musician and labourer on Lady Elliot Island, a musician and tour guide on Fraser Island and held numerous other roles in between working as an architect.”

It was in Hervey Bay he met his partner Edwina and after some serious saving over the period of 6 months, the couple sold up everything they owned and flew to Southeast Asia.

The trip cemented his ideology when in Beijing, he discovered a world without cars.

Paul said the difference to the air was astounding.

“We just hired pushbikes and peddled everywhere, the difference in the air without car exhaust fumes was amazing,” he said.

After a great deal of travelling, Paul and Edwina discovered they were going to have the first of their two children.

After baby Clancy was born in London the couple made their way back to Australia with a new baby and little else to begin the next chapter of their lives.

He acquired a position as an architect in Sydney, worked in Adelaide for a few years and in 1994, came home to Central Queensland.

Paul said he had always had a green ethos, so it was a no brainer that in time, he joined the Green Democrats party while living in Adelaide.

While the party eventually folded, Paul said he best related to the Greens Party and signed up as a volunteer after coming home to CQ.

“It was a very small party back then with only a few volunteers,” Paul said.

“For the most part we were dismissed as hippies in the old days.

“The Greens today are a much stronger party with a whole generation of young people making their voices heard.

“I was not aware of climate change until 2000 and it was that point where I new I had to fight for change.”

Paul has been active with a variety of not-for-profit groups across the region including RemVeg, Waru Permaculture Community Garden, school P&C’s and Landcare just to name a few.

He continues to work as a volunteer and a voice of reason across Central Queensland.

“We need to change the bad news on the way we live to good news,” Paul said.

“We need to find a more efficient way to live, we can still generate wealth without all the pollution.

“It begins with the choices we make.”