Animal shelter desperate for support

Teah Daley and Alex Pedwell with dogs Pumba, Zenobia, Ellie, Mia, Pippa and Lucy.

Eilish Massie

A series of misfortunate events has led to one Gladstone animal rescue group not taking on any more animals.

CQ Animal Army Inc. is in desperate need for financial support after several rescue call outs led to a momentous vet bill, resulting in the shelter refusing additional animals.

Cat coordinator Sam Featherstone said it was the first time the shelter has run into financial trouble.

The shelter, which has run for the past two years, relies on small donations from the public.

“Every animal gets a chance,” she said.

“In the past six months we had cats coming in with cat flu that spread around with the other cats in care, we had some come in with ringworm, and then we took on a cat who was bitten by a brown snake and was pregnant at the time.

“One dog alone has cost us over $4000 alone in training and rehabilitation to make him rehomable.

“It’s draining us. We’re a tiny rescue with maybe 15 people involved.”

Currently more than 30 animals are in foster care.

The group hopes to raise more than $4000 to help get them back on their feet.

“At the moment we aren’t taking on anymore just because we have to get on top of our vet bills and look after the animals we have got.”

Ms Featherstone said Betty White’s recent passing inspired the group to ask for help from the community.

“Unfortunately with her passing, it just was a reminder to help out our local animal shelter,” she said.

“We’re hoping the community could come together on Betty White’s 100th birthday.

“Please consider honoring Betty White with a donation to us and help save countless lives. We once again pledge to you, our community, to continue to work tirelessly and save as many lives as we can.”

If you would like to donate, you can directly donate to CQ Animal Army via Boyne Vets or through to the shelter itself.