1400 people protest against vax mandate


Eilish Massie

More than 1400 people rallied against the State Government’s vaccination mandate on Saturday, claiming it was a violation of human rights.

The Freedom Rally, hosted at Lions Park in West Gladstone, was one of many held across the state.

Resident Tanya Wieden, who was MC on the day, said people were deeply concerned and distressed about the loss of freedom and violation of human rights.

“The mandates, which are offers to contract not law, are in breach of the Federal Privacy Act 1988 and the Palaszczuk Govt is using coercive tactics to force compliance,” she said.

“I’ve had many conversations where people are saddened and anxious, they’ve felt they had no choice but to comply with a medical procedure just to participate in society.”

Ms Wieden said Gladstone Regional Councillors, Mayor Matt Burnett and Glenn Butcher were invited to attend, however only one replied.

“We wanted to give the people of our community a voice, and the opportunity to express their grave concerns around this sensitive issue of bodily sovereignty,” she said.

“We welcome business’s wanting a free information pack to please email or alternatively we are happy to drop it off and have a chat.”

People can contact gltprochoice@protonmail.com for more information.