Three things you can do to be helpful to others

Giving blood is the easiest thing you could ever do to save someone’s life.

I recently interviewed some young jobseekers for a position I had vacant, and I was surprised that most of them made a comment about wanting a job where they could help people. They sought a job where they could do good in the community.

I felt there was some real genuine desire in these young people and that they were not just saying something that would impress me. Of course, it did impress me, but more than that, it made me wonder if young people don’t know how to help other than finding a job that fits the bill.

I’m not sure if any young people would read this column, so my appeal goes out to those of you that are reading it. Lead by example by helping others in your everyday life and encourage our next generation to just do the simple things. You don’t have to rely on a job to use as a catalyst to be helpful.

I mentioned three things that I believe could make Gladstone a better place, well here they are:

Give blood (if you can). If you had the ability to actually save a life, why wouldn’t you do it? Seriously, this is the easiest thing you could ever do to save someone’s life. The blood bank even sends you a message saying where and when your blood was used. The feeling is euphoric. If you haven’t done it, try it!

Smile at people. You might think this is corny and wonder how does it really help anyone? It will make them smile back (usually), and it might just be that one little thing that gives them a moment of feeling good. With so many mediums around providing stories of doom and gloom, we need moments of you and if there were lots of people smiling at you as you passed them, your moments of you will be extended.

Put yourself out there and ask, “Can I help”? You will be surprised by the response.

We don’t need a job to be helpful to others, we just need the right attitude.