Vox pops

Jo-anne, 63

Do you agree healthcare workers should be fired if they choose not to be vaccinated?

Tim, 68

I don’t think they should get fired but I do think they should be put on hold or taken off work for awhile if they are going to be working with other people who are Covid-postive because they can catch it and give it to someone else.

Jo-anne, 63

I don’t think they should be fired at all, but it’s a hard one to say. I don’t want them to be fired, I think everyone should have their own choice.

Jacob Andrews, 45

I think they are legitimate medical reasons for exemptions but generally speaking I think vaccinations should be mandatory in work environments where there is a public safety risk. People in hospitals, patients can be compromised so I think for those reasons, I generally support mandatory vaccination. It’s obviously a complex situation.