Lynchy’s Joke of the Week


There is a good friend of mine I play tennis with, his name is Merv.

He has a pet duck called Derek.

He was telling me the other day he went out the back door and there was Derek motionless on the ground.

He raced over and grabbed Derek and shot off to the vet.

There he was in the waiting room with a motionless Derek.

The vet called him into the surgery.

Merv said, “I think my duck has passed, what are your thoughts?”

The vet placed his two fingers on Derek’s head and said just wait a minute.

He brought into the surgery a chocolate Labrador called Cadbury and said to the dog, “Has this duck passed on?”

The dog sniffed the duck, looked up at the vet then Merv then he shook his head and walked away.

Then the vet bought a Siamese cat called Fifi.

“Fifi, has this duck passed on?”

The cat puts its paw on the duck and then looked at Merv then the vet and shook his head and walked off.

The vet had said to Merv that the duck was no longer with us.

Merv wheeled around and went to the front counter to pay for he vet’s services and the bill came to just over $1500.

“Wow!” said Merv. “This is a very expensive consultation how do you justify this amount?”

The vet replied that the reasoning behind the expense was poor Derek did undergo a lab test and also a cat scan to come to the conclusion.